MECO's HC Seal is engineered to operate without a barrier fluid

The MECO HC Seal is an air free design, engineered to operate without a barrier fluid, using a clamp to energize the seal faces. This feature makes our versatile standard seal even more flexible by allowing it to be used in applications that may not have available or desire to use, a barrier fluid. The seal is used on horizontal, inclined and vertical shafts for unsplit installations.

HC model seals are in stock in CEMA standard and SAE sizes: from 1” to 5.07” and in metric shaft sizes from 40mm to 110mm. HC seals are designed to perform under 90% of the typical operating conditions associated with screw conveyors or scrolls. This includes food-grade applications, temperatures up to 500ºF (260ºC), abrasive products and vertical or inclined conveyors. The HC accommodates up to 1/4” (6mm) of shaft run-out.

The HC Seal replaces standard waste pack housings. Three stock housing materials are available, FDA Nylon, Anodized Aluminum or 316L SS. Three elastomer materials, Viton, FDA white silicone or EPDM, ensure compatibility with nearly all applications.

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MECO Shaft Seals