Schneider Electric introduces Altivar 1260 air cooled medium voltage drive

Schneider Electric announced the release of Altivar 1260 – a range of medium voltage variable frequency drives from 700 to 7,500 HP, available in 3.3KV or 4.16KV output voltage ratings. The flexible, high performance drive is ideally suited for large pump, fan and compressor applications and complements Schneider Electric’s broad portfolio of bundled power solutions, including distribution gear, MV Soft Starters, plant equipment and services.

The Altivar 1260 is a high-technology, motor-friendly drive combining MV-IGBT topology with a straight-forward modular design. It is fully backed by Schneider Electric’s global energy management experience, complementary MV products and world-class customer support services.

The Altivar 1260 medium voltage drive is an air-cooled voltage source inverter, able to be applied to both synchronous and induction AC motors. Designed to maximize reliability and simplify operation and maintenance, the drive provides front access to all serviceable parts, easy power module replacement and a common design architecture with a low component count.

Other important design features include a user friendly drive-mounted HMI and an integrated web application server that provides comprehensive local and remote control and diagnostics. A customer programmable embedded PLC supplies high-speed flexible process control while the drives’ UPS system assures an orderly system shut down with full data-logging in the event of a power outage. For additional installation flexibility, the Altivar 1260 is being offered with either a close-coupled or separately mounted input transformer and disconnect switch.

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