Next generation LS Class high pressure piston pumps

Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSI) has recently launched their Next Generation Product Line, which includes seven new classes of pumps. Described here is the LS Class, consisting of reliable single-headed, positive displacement piston pumps with very low pulsation and high accuracy. With micro-stepping motor technology and a proven single-piston pump mechanism, the LS Class exceeds the performance of more expensive units at a fraction of the cost.

These pumps are ideal for a wide variety of uses, including biocompatible separations, semi-prep liquid chromatography, numerous HPLC applications, metering, dispensing, and general laboratory use. Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and PEEK, with optional Titanium. Also available are jacketed heads for temperature-controlled processes. With 5 mL/min, 10 mL/min, and 40 mL/min versions available, and pressure capability up to 6,000 psi, these versatile pumps will meet the most demanding applications.

New features include greater control, accuracy, and efficiency through an updated control board set, elegant cosmetic design, a chemically resistant drip tray, and a leak sensor. Standard features include automatic pressure compensation, pressure monitoring with transducer, pulsation reducing pulse dampener, integrated prime-purge valve, self-flush piston wash technology, interactive keypad control, and complete PC control and status through RS-232 and Micro USB 2.0 ports.

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