Möhlenhoff 's OEM Actuator 5 successfully established on the market: The most energy-efficient actuator of its type

It was over a year ago that Möhlenhoff, a specialist in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning fields,launched its latest generation of thermal actuators on the market. Since then, the "OEM Actuator 5" has successfully established itself as the perfect solution for underfloor heating and building control systems. Users particularly appreciate the energy efficiency of the Möhlenhoff solution. The actuator needs up to 45 percent less electricity than its predecessor and other competing products.

Detailed measurements by the global market leader for thermal actuators have shown that the power consumption of the "OEM Actuator 5" is significantly less than that of other systems – with some models runningon just one watt. "Of course, this value depends on a number of factors such as the ambient temperature, operating voltage or air movement," explains Rainer Drescher, Product Manager for Actuator Technology at Möhlenhoff. "Nevertheless, every test has shown that the OEM Actuator 5 is far and away the most efficient on the market."

The "OEM Actuator 5" uses an expanding element that is heated by a PTC resistor. The lower the temperature is, the better the flow of electricity through the material. The force produced by the movement of the expanding element opens and closes the actuator valve – without the need for any motor or gearing and absolutely silently. With an actuating force of 100 Newtons and a stroke of four or five millimeters, power consumption of just one watt is all that is required. The larger actuator variants with a stroke of 6.5 millimeters and actuating force of 125 Newtons consume 1.2
watts of electricity.

These actuators are available for 24 and 230 Volt supplies, as wired-in or pluggable versions and in either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) variants. Proportional 0–10 Volt versions with valve strokerecognition and feedback channel are available for continuously regulated systems. Thanks to Möhlenhoff’s unique adapter system, the "OEM Actuator 5" is compatible with practically all valve types. Not only extremely robust and durable, it is also waterproof, takes up very little space thanks to its compact design and can be installed in any required position.

As a special service, Möhlenhoff provides its products for OEM customers in many differently tailored forms to enable them to develop individual product portfolios and marketing concepts. These product differentiations include a range of cabling variants and adapters, colored housings, function indicators or cabling, printed company logos or type designations, or individual packaging.

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