Aventics double valves, series SV07/SV09

Double valves SV07/SV09: SV07/SV09 – advantages at a glance

  • Variants: Connection thread G1/4–G1, with or without electrical return unit, with or without status indicator unit, 24 V DC (other voltages on request), including safety silencer
  • TeflonR bearing rings on the piston to extend the valve service life
  • Operation with or without air lubrication
  • Fitting: connection thread on both sides for flexible assembly
  • Exhaust rate of up to 8,600 l/min
  • No additional PLC or programming required
  • No sensor cable required

Safety-related pneumatics with redundant self-monitoring double valves plus numerous extras

In safety-relevant controls, the fail-safe double valves enable safe and controlled pressurization and exhaust of machines or machine sections. SV series valves consist of two redundant 3/2 directional valves with a dirt-resistant seated design that counteracts wear. The valves feature fast switching and high flow rates. The solenoid valves mutually monitor their function and are therefore considered intrinsically safe certified components for use in high control categories.

Optional features:

  • Error display module: Valves include a pressure switch with potential-free changeover contact; this signal is used for error processing in the control.
  • Silencer: All valves include silencers with high flow capacity; largely protected from clogging.
  • Dynamic monitoring with memory function: Memory, monitor, and air control functions integrated in two identical valve elements; application conditions meet Cat. 4 requirements. Valve goes into lockout position as soon as asynchronous switching movements occur; output pressure is maintained below 1% of the supply pressure. Without memory function: Valve returns to standby after error is eliminated.
  • Reset with targeted override: Switching air or power supply off and on does not result in a reset. A reset can only be achieved through a targeted electrical impulse (solenoid).

Safety-related features:

  • "Safe exhaust" safety function is ensured, even with a valve error
  • DGUV certification: category 4 (CE marking), PL e
  • Very high B10d value: 20 million cycles
  • Implements basic and well-tried safety principles
  • Valve increases the diagnostic coverage of a pneumatic control (99%)
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