Resources to optimize your CMMS/EAM knowledge

Oct. 8, 2008
The following articles and resources will enhance your CMMS/EAM knowledge to better manage your plant.
Turnaround done down to the dime

Valero Energy Corp., the largest U.S. refining company, utilized synchronization to get credible, timely information during a refinery shutdown.


Changing perceptions

The methods used to collect, present and analyze information determine whether maintenance operations are viewed as an asset or a liability.


CMMS/EAM Software Review

Plant Services' 2006 CMMS/EAM Software Review allows you to define, refine and source your requirements in your search for the software vendor that best fits your needs.


Behind the dashboard

Visual systems that allow technicians, engineers and managers to quickly ascertain the status of industrial equipment are very real, and on their way to a plant near you. 



Learn about Enhanced Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and reliability with SAP Perfect Plant Solutions


Connecting outside the box

Integrating data collection technology with enterprise resource planning systems extends the reach of information sharing beyond the four walls of the warehouse


Designer EAM

Stitch analytical software to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems for high-return, cost-saving information


They're coming

Software introductions are now touting a new, highly functional level of integration with a CMMS. Managers can see production problems, resolutions and costs clearly and concisely in real time.


Punch it up

Contributing Editor Sheila Kennedy brings you 10 work-management strategies that represent the diversity of approaches being put into practice today.


2008 Plant of the Year

Baldor’s Ozark Plant is a model for American manufacturing. Read on to find out how they achieved their success.


CMMS/EAM stress test list grows to 20

Plant Services welcomes participation by any and all CMMS/EAM suppliers that are willing to undergo the rigorous review process.


Wonderware uses pharmaceutical company as case study

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems Inc., has announced the release of new enterprise application integration capabilities leveraging the ISA S95 XML standard.


OPC-UA debuts at ARC Forum

The foundation’s latest interoperability solution wraps legacy apps with Web Services.


Proficy Maintenance Gateway closes loop between production, maintenance

Future releases will connect to additional EAM software solutions, including SAP Enterprise Asset Management and Datastream 7i.


Matrikon and ABB partner to make Matrikon's AlarmInsight product industrial IT enabled



ABB's IndustrialIT ECS simplifies enterprise systems integration

ABB's newest version of its IndustrialIT ECS Enterprise Connectivity Solutions includes enhancements for quicker integration of systems, improved performance and simplified user interface.


Readers' choice awards 2004

Several hundred plant professionals answered Plant Services' inaugural awards survey, a 63-category, unprompted, fill-in-the-blank electronic ballot.


Look before it leaks

Inspection, information and predictive maintenance keep roof costs under control.  


The three major energy villains keeping your plant from realizing savings

These villains break down into a number of areas where major wasted energy dollars usually lurk.


SAP Knowledge Caenter

The SAP Knowledge Center provides best practices on managing plant assets for higher performance.

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