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Join Plant Services editors and industry experts as we engage in lively discussions about hot topics challenging today's manufacturing plant. Each of these on-demand webcasts will inform and educate. Be sure to register for the 2016 Plant Services Plant Maintenance and Reliability Strategies Webinar Series.

Access on-demand webinars on asset management, compressed air, electrical systems, energy management, lubrication, maintenance, motors and much more.

Asset Management and Reliability

Manage risk, reduce complexity with your asset management system
Presenter(s): David Berger, Rick Veague
Managing assets for maximum utilization and efficiency, while minimizing risk, is a complex business. Many factors impact both operation efficiency and risk.


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Asset Management and Reliability
Compressed Air
Electrical Systems
Energy Management/Optimization
HVAC and Indoor Air Quality
Material Handling
Motor, Drives, and Power Transmission
Operational Excellence
PdM/Condition Monitoring

Next gen MES and manufacturing intelligence
Presenter(s): Janice Abel
Learn how the smart digital revolution is influencing the modern MES sector.


Plant Services Webcast: Asset management software
Presenter(s): David Berger, Jeff Belanger
Understand how better visibility into assets can lead to better/lower risk decisions.


Asset management software: Strategic and practical information
Presenter(s): Nick Carberry, Dave Eager, Ralph Rio
Join us as we speak with ARC Advisory Group Analyst Ralph Rio about the results of the joint survey, conducted by Plant Services and ARC Advisory Group, on asset management.

CMMS/asset management
Presenter(s): David Berger, Michael Blalock
This webcast will highlight how companies use CMMS and asset management software and identify best practices.

Compressed Air

Advice from the experts: Ways to improve your compressed air system
Presenter(s): Ron Marshall, Werner Rauer
Eliminating compressed air leaks can add 25-30% back into your compressed air supply, yet many plants struggle with executing leak detection and repair programs.

Compressed air piping systems
Presenter(s): Waheed Chaudhry, Chad M. Hills, Don Van Ormer
Piping problems can have a big effect on how well your compressed air system performs.


What you need to know about compressed air
Presenter(s): Bob Baker, Rob Haseley, Werner Rauer, Rick Stasyshan
CAGI offers industrial customers across the U.S. a unique opportunity to learn more about compressed air and the CAGI organization.

Optimize your compressed air system
Presenter(s): Ron Marshall, Neil Mehltretter
Get the facts on compressed air energy usage and find out the best way to design and operate your compressed air system.

Compressed air system audits
Presenter(s): Paul Johnson, Wayne Perry, Tom Taranto
In this webcast, learn about compressed air system audits from both a supply-side and a demand-side perspective.

Improving maintenance of compressed air systems
Presenter(s): Joe Ghislain, Ron Marshall, Neil Mehltretter, Bill Scales
This Plant Services webcast will focus on practical and implementable strategies for improving maintenance of compressed air systems.

Electrical Systems

Closed door electrical safety - Prevent the ugly
Presenter(s): Dan Hebeisen
In this closed door electrical safety presentation, we first identify the importance for understanding and following safety policies.

Electrical workplace safety and risk management
Presenter(s): Joseph Weigel
This presentation will examine the electrical workplace safety standards as documented in the NFPA 70E 2012 edition, as well as the enforcement of those standards by OSHA.


Arc flash safety: What you need to know to stay safe
Presenter(s): Randy Barnett
This presentation by Randy Barnett will addresses concerns about electrical safety and arc flash.


PPE for energized electrical work
Presenter(s): Joseph Weigel
Identify the potential hazards that can be present during energized work and how these hazards may be avoided.


Do you really need to perform an arc flash hazard analysis?
Presenter(s): R. Dee Jones
Find out why you should conduct an arc flash hazard analysis, develop an understanding of the process from pre- to post- analysis and leave with an action plan for getting your arc flash hazard analysis done.

What is lockout/tagout and why is it important?
Presenter(s): Marty Tauber
This presentation offers an overview of lockout/tagout (LOTO) and how to prevent workplace injuries.

Electrical safety - Arc flash
Presenter(s): R. Dee Jones, Michael Sa
During this webcast, we will discuss the latest on NFPA-70E 2012 and what it takes to comply with NFPA-70E 2012.

Prevent electrocutions with industrial GFCIs
Presenter(s): Tony Locker
In this webcast, you will learn what you need to know about the new UL943C Standard, industrial GFCI classifications, and how and where to apply these devices to protect against the leading cause of electrical injuries - electrocution.

Control cabinet safety
Presenter(s): Randy Barnett, Rick Maday, Steven Moore
Electrical cabinets are often designed as a central control point for automation and process control equipment.

Electrical safety: Arc flash hazard mitigation
Presenter(s): Mark Ackerson, Joe Weigel
Help ensure your electrical-system workers go home at night by understanding the risks and the latest technologies designed to minimize them.


Arc flash safety and risk management
Presenter(s): Phil Allen, Reza Tajali
In this webcast, we follow up on how to mitigate arc flash hazard.

Electrical safety in today's plant
Presenter(s): Tony Locker
This webcast will give an overview of the different technologies for reducing arc flash hazards with an emphasis on arc flash relays.

Arc flash hazards: Safety standards and strategies
Presenter(s): Phil Allen, Bob Clukey
In this webcast, industry experts will explain the latest safety standards and strategies for reducing the chances of arc flash.

Troubleshooting energized electrical hazard
Presenter(s): Phil Allen, John Waggoner
Troubleshooting and other energized electrical work tasks expose the worker to the hazards of electrical arc flash and shock.

Technologies for reducing arc flash hazards
Presenter(s): Tony Locker
This webcast explores electrical safety trends, best practices and more.

Arc flash: What has changed and what you need to know
Presenter(s): Rick Maday, Dennis Neitzel, Patrick Ostrenga
This Plant Services webcast features expert analysts and maintenance professionals, and highlights what companies are doing to mitigate the hazard of arc flash.

Arc flash hazard site evaluation study at your plant
Presenter(s): Patrick Ostrenga, Ken Viradia, Allan Worthy
Do you know how to get a good site evaluation/arc flash hazard study that works for your plant?

Do you know how to set up an arc flash mitigation program?
Presenter(s): Bob Clukey, Patrick Ostrenga, Allan Worthy
Do you know how to get a good site evaluation/arc flash hazard study that works for your plant?

Energy Management/Optimization

Power quality
Presenter(s): Richard Brinton, Randy Keener
Join us for this in-depth look at the effects of voltage level, unbalance, and harmonics on electric motor performance.


Energy management - What works and what doesn't
Presenter(s): Bill Holmes, Neil Mehltretter
This webcast will attempt to summarize successful energy management techniques as well as present what works in the real world.


Monitoring energy consumption
Presenter(s): Chris Colson, Bill Holmes, Neil Mehltretter
During this webcast, Bill Holmes will present methods for monitoring energy consumption in industrial plants.

Energy monitoring and power quality
Presenter(s): Leah Friberg, Tony Simon
Identify where energy waste is occurring; quantify how much and how expensive.

Business operations sustainability
Presenter(s): Justin Forbes, Tim Marker, Brenda McCracken
Join us for this webcast and learn from the experts how motor design philosophy can have a direct impact on the sustainability of your operations.

Power quality and enhanced plant reliability
Presenter(s): Frank Healy
This webinar will identify best practices and demonstrate the technologies companies are using to develop strategies that improve power quality, ensure worker safety and enhance plant reliability.

HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

Optimizing compressed air in a pulse jet dust collection system
Presenter(s): Hank van Ormer
Many production facilities have a significant number of dust collectors. Many have continuing problems with short bag life and low-pressure problems at the furthest points from the central air system.

HVAC and indoor air quality
Presenter(s): Jeff Hess, Christian Taber
Workplace comfort impacts a lot of locations, where operators are simply performing more efficiently if they're in a more comfortable environment.


How to get twice the life from your gear boxes
Presenter(s): Jarrod Potteiger
This tutorial provides practical and implementable strategies for getting twice the life from your gear boxes, which is largely a matter of how well you lubricate them.

Industrial lubrication: An introduction to friction, wear and lubrication
Presenter(s): Kenneth Bannister
This presentation offers an overview of friction's affects on lubrication.


Implement a 7-step world-class lubrication program
Presenter(s): Jarrod Poteiger
Best practice operations have long understood that a well-managed lubrication program is a vital cornerstone of any efficient and profitable operation, so why is it so often overlooked?

Lubrication strategies
Presenter(s): Patrick Fasse, Brian Gleason, Suzy Jamieson
In this webcast, learn the lubrication strategies and tactics that helped Visy Paper's Gibson Island plant to reduce engineering downtime by 64%.


Contracted MRO service
Presenter(s): Andy Gager, Joe Van Dyke
This webcast explores the pros and cons of outsourcing.

Material Handling

Screw conveyor maintenance
Presenter(s): Jim Nutzman
This presentation will provide an overview of conveyor design, torque, conveyor system layout and installation, troubleshooting and safety considerations.

Motor, Drives, and Power Transmission

Shaft grounding and current mitigation
Presenter(s): Bobby Bowen
This on demand webcast discusses the causes, effects, and proper prevention techniques to protect your motor from stray shaft currents.

Motor reliability: Keeping your motors running longer
Presenter(s): Charles Dix
In this presentation, Charles Dix, account manager with Holland Industrial, speaks about motor reliability.


Motors and vibration analysis
Presenter(s): John Bernet, Robert Perez
This webcast provides an introduction to vibration analysis theory and practice.

Motors and drives optimization
Presenter(s): Kay Cabaniss, Geoff Generalovic, Brent McManis
Motor testing off-line and on-line are the most critical steps for optimization and performance.


Choosing the right gearmotor
Presenter(s): Chad Brown, Kay Cabaniss
This webcast explores the different gearmotor types, discusses the advantages and efficiencies of each, and shows how to make the best gearmotor selection based on energy savings and application demands.

Motors and drives: Get the right tools to prevent failure
Presenter(s): Charles E. Dix, Neil Gillespie, Drew Norman, Bobby Powell
This webcast will highlight how companies are using best practices to identify motor failure types, understand the benefits of vibration testing, and more.

The case for energy efficiency across the drive train
Presenter(s): Todd Kananen, Rich Mintz
Energy management, monitoring and efficiency are the fastest-growing aspects of an industrial plant manager’s responsibilities.

Operational Excellence

Real time resource management
Presenter(s): Jeff Pomerantz
Real time resource management can be accomplished with the fully integrated four module resource management suite.


DNA of world class manufacturing at Chrysler's Belvidere assembly plant
Presenter(s): Robert Allen
This presentation offers a look into Chrysler's state-of-the-art assembly plant in Belvidere, Illinois.


How to Rearrange your plant in 3D
Presenter(s): Vernon Jensen, Steve Schuchard
Join this webcast for a presentation of real-world case studies about the use of 3D laser mapping to provide current and proposed plant layouts.

Predictive Technologies/Condition Monitoring

Remote monitoring
Presenter(s): Brian Blum, Shon Isenhour
Why the ability to preempt catastrophic failure on critical machinery always makes good business sense.

Visual oil analysis – A front line defense
Presenter(s): Jason Kopchinsky
This presentation will provide an overview of best practices to employ when collecting oil analysis information; what should be collected and where best to collect it from.

Infrared technology: How to use thermal imaging to check electrical systems
Presenter(s): Jim Seffrin
With a goal of understanding how to use thermal imaging to check electrical systems, this presentation reviews facts and figures of electrical safety.

Predictive maintenance: Make better maintenance decisions
Presenter(s): Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., Joe Van Dyke
This webcast explains how to use reliability-centered maintenance to determine which road to take.


Hot alignment and thermal growth
Presenter(s): Stan Riddle
This webcast will discuss the fundamentals of executing precision shaft alignment while accounting for thermal growth, a critical challenge for some alignments.

Managing critical machine health
Presenter(s): Tim Kelley
In this webcast, you can learn how to get the vital information you need about your maintenance operations 24/7 from virtually anywhere.

Predictive technology
Presenter(s): Michael DeMaria, Paula Hollywood
Join us as we speak with ARC Advisory Group analysts about the results of a joint survey on predictive maintenance technology.

Mechanical vibration: Where do I start, and what is the benefit?
Presenter(s): John Bernet, Robert Perez
This webinar will explain how to determine machine criticality based on risk and high or low consequence.

Is thermography part of your predictive maintenance strategy?
Presenter(s): Eric Hudson, Dan Simon
Thermography is one of the tools available to maintenance professionals executing predictive maintenance strategies.

Condition monitoring
Presenter(s): Brian Anulies, Scott Christman, Douglas Hoffman
This Plant Services webcast features expert analysts discussing the results of our condition monitoring survey.


Reliability, safety, training
Presenter(s): Richard Wood
Reliability, safety, training - What's the correlation and ROI?


The shortage of qualified workers – What can be done?
Presenter(s): Dennis K. Neitzel
This webcast will provide background and statistics on the shortage of qualified electrical workers.


Effective electrical workforce training and development
Presenter(s): Robert S. LeRoy, Dan Hebisen
This webcast will explain the benchmarks of effective workforce training and development, including monitoring for compliance, measuring for understanding, and targeting to the topic.