Calnetix Technologies adds higher capacity model to VYCON VDC XE family of kinetic energy storage systems

April 23, 2015
Over 900 VYCON Flywheels Installed Globally Resulting in 13 Million Discharge/Recharge Cycles

Calnetix Technologies' VYCON energy storage products division announced the addition of the VYCON Direct Connect (VDC) XXE Kinetic Energy Storage System to its VDC XE family of clean ride-through backup power systems.

The VDC XXE model delivers over 300kW and 6,000 kilowatt-seconds of energy storage to provide reliable, always on power protection 24x7 for large critical processes, such as data centers, healthcare imaging systems and other power intensive applications. The VDC XXE is available for immediate shipment.

When paired with a UPS, the VDC flywheel, with its 20-year operational life, provides a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional UPS systems operated with batteries. Valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are notorious for unpredictable reliability, frequent maintenance and on-going replacement, causing uncertainty and potential downtime during electrical disruptions.

VYCON energy storage systems have no mechanical bearings to be replaced or maintained – substantially increasing critical load uptime and lowering operating costs vs. older lower speed flywheel designs.The VDC XXE system interfaces with the DC bus of the UPS, receiving charging current from the UPS and providing DC current to the UPS inverter during discharge. Upon loss of utility power to the UPS, continuous and regulated DC power is instantly delivered to the UPS with ample time to transfer to an onsite generator upon a prolonged power outage. The VDC XXE also can be used in conjunction with batteries. Since 98% of utility outages are 10 seconds or less, the VDC XXE delivers the needed DC energy to the UPS first during these events, saving the battery for longer term outages and thus prolonging battery life.