Sullair S-energy 40-60 compressors improve efficiency with simpler design

July 22, 2015
Sullair S-energy compressors continue to feature what customers have come to expect of Sullair—efficiency, durability, reliability and serviceability—and now have been enhanced to incorporate a number of improvements for the user.

Sullair's updated S-energy 40-60 compressors continue to feature efficiency, durability, reliability, and servicability and now have been enhanced to incorporate a number of improvements for the user.

The new compressors are now upwards of 5 percent more efficient, thanks to strategic engineering and design. The updated units also offer a robust 3G enclosure design, which is simpler than the previous design. The units feature Sullair's same bulletproof, globally recognized air end with its highly efficient asymmetric profile and tapered roller bearings, all backed by Sullair's 10-year Diamond Warranty.

S-energy's reliable performance helps ensure maximum uptime on the factory floor. The S-energy units were updated to incorporate a stronger, more robust design. The two-piece oversized oil/aftercoolers now handle higher cooling capabilities (46° C/115° F). The units also incorporate a new starter cabinet, NEMA 12, allowing users to easily switch voltages from 230 to 460 V.

When maintenance and service is needed, the S-energy units feature a newly-added, easy access oil sampling valve; an external USB port for the customer and maintenance technician; and lift-off panels.

To further help the user reduce costs, including for fluid disposal, S-energy compressors are factory-filled with biodegradable Genuine Sullube, 10,000-hour fluid.