Siemens' Simocode Pro V PN GP is a solution for motor management

The Simocode Pro V PN GP extends the Simocode motor management family to include a new basic unit for standard motor applications. Simocode pro V PN GP has a Profinet connection, which facilitates entry into Profinet communication. The basic unit is supplemented by a current measuring module. It can be optionally extended by an operator control block and a multifunction module – with additional inputs/outputs, and temperature and ground fault detection. The motor management is suitable for direct-on-line, reversing, and star-delta (wye-delta) starters as well as for controlling a soft starter.

The Simocode pro motor management system monitors, protects and controls constant-speed motors, and is equipped with predictive maintenance functions. Simocode pro reveals potential problems on a motor before they can occur. Simocode pro also delivers detailed operating, service and diagnostic data from the entire process. Engineering of the motor management system is easy via the TIA Portal, as is integration into process control systems.

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