Ingersoll Rand's Nirvana variable-speed drive oil-free compressor system helps lower energy costs

The Ingersoll Rand Nirvana is a variable-speed drive (VSD) oil-free compressor system. While other VSD compressors also deliver stable pressure, soft-starting, and improved part-load efficiency over fixed-speed compressors, only Nirvana enables customers to reach the full potential of variable-speed technology.

Energy costs can be as much as 60 percent of the lifecycle cost of an air compressor.The Nirvana system helps customers reach the full potential of variable speed through one of the lowest energy costs and the high efficiencies compared to a conventional fixed speed machine.

  • Decreases energy use in comparison to fixed-speed oil-free rotary compressors
  • Stable, constant pressure control
  • Hybrid Permanent Motor (HPM) has less degradation in specific power at pert-load than previous models– achieving full potential of variable-speed control.
  • Smooth soft-starting – starting amps perform below full-load amps
  • Maintenance-free, bearing-less motor design with minimal maintenance needs
  • Long-lasting design with thousands of units installed worldwide

Compressor rotors take a beating. Over time their surfaces can deteriorate, making rotors increasingly susceptible to compressed air impurities and temperature fluctuation, which lead to reduced efficiency, decreased air purity and compressor failure. Ingersoll Rand’s UltraCoat offering assists in reducing such issue.

  • UltraCoat is an advanced rotor and housing protection process that ensures coating, with adhesion and temperature resistance.
  • Stainless-steel and aluminum piping to link the compressor’s intercooler
  • Stainless-steel UltraCoat second stage rotors.

The Nirvana HPM motor delivers great performance, including the ability to virtually start and stop limitlessly to meet your demand fluctuations.

  • HPM motor technology efficiency is high throughout the turndown range, providing savings no matter what your demand profile requires.
  • The rotary-screw airend delivers full potential through unparalleled rotor profile accuracy and repeatability. Stainless-steel rotors are used in the demanding second stage for maximum corrosion resistance. UltraCoat surface coating is also applied to the rotors and all housing surfaces for durability and performance.
  • Eliminates inefficiencies and hot spots common to conventional, random-wound induction motors. These hot spots can cause insulation and motor failure.
  • Fewer moving parts, and flanges directly onto the compressor driveshaft, making the motor more reliable and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Designed to operate continuously in temperatures up to 46°C (115°F).
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