IMI Sensors offers IP69K-rated vibration monitoring sensor kits

IMI Sensors introduces industry-exclusive IP69K-rated vibration sensor kits that can withstand the 1000 psi sprays of 140 °F (60 °C) water that are typical in a food and beverage manufacturing facility’s wash-down cycle.

With these kits, a vibration monitoring system featuring permanently-mounted sensors can be instituted in any food and beverage manufacturing facility.  A permanently-mounted vibration monitoring system can increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by improving equipment availability, performance efficiency and quality rate while, at the same time, not adding time to the sanitation team’s daily process.

Each kit includes an ICP accelerometer or 4-20 mA transmitter with an M12 connector and a specially-designed, IP69K-rated cable assembly.   The cable assembly features a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel, 4-socket M12 connector molded on bright white, polypropylene-jacketed cable.

Available sensors include:

  • Model 601A92: 500 mV/g, top exit ICP® accelerometer
  • Model 602D91: 100 mV/g, side exit ICP® accelerometer
  • Model 603C91: 100 mV/g, top exit ICP® accelerometer
  • Model 639A91: 100 mV/g, side exit triaxial ICP® accelerometer
  • Model 640B91: 4-20 mA transmitter with 0-1 ips peak measurement range
  • Model 641B91: 4-20 mA transmitter with 0-1 ipsrms measurement range
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