Grace Engineered Products' GraceSense Hot Spot Monitor is a continuous temperature monitoring device

Grace Engineered Products, Inc. announces the GraceSense Hot Spot Monitor (HSM); a continuous temperature monitoring device intended for locations that are difficult and hazardous to access. The HSM utilizes patented fiber optic technology to provide continuous temperature data from nine or eighteen independent sources (depending on the HSM model). The non-conductive fiber probes can be mounted onto electrical busbars, splices, disconnects, cable connections, or any sources of heat.

The HSM provides a unique combination of non-conductive fiber optic technology with advanced algorithms. Simply attach the fiber probes to a ring-style connector that securely bolts onto heat surfaces such as busbars while the other end connects to the HSM. Potential Failure Points (PFPs) may include inaccessible equipment and blind spots to infrared (IR) thermography. The most obvious benefits of the HSM over IR come from the real-time status updates of temperature data at PFPs that are completely inaccessible to IR scanning. In addition, the successfully proven measurement accuracy of the probes is not subject to operator error, as can be the case with IR.

Flexible communication options make plant-wide communications simple, while standalone operation is achieved through web interface.  By connecting HSM via MODBUS TCP I/P or Ethernet I/P and accessing the device through the GraceSense HSM web interface, users can set temperature thresholds, relay outputs and alarm functions. Easy navigation menus allow the user to visualize and download temperature logs for data analysis and trending. HSM comes with a built-in memory that is adequate to store data through the life of the equipment and can be easily downloaded by connecting directly to the device or safely through closed doors with a GracePort Ethernet connector.

The HSM is UL recognized, FCC certified, CE marked and can be used in all voltages up to 80kV where standard measurement methods such as IR thermography and windows are expensive and not viable. The temperature at the independent sources is measured using a secure connection with the ring-style connectors and using optical signals for relaying the temperature data. The materials exposed to energized components are made of inherently isolating materials and pose no risk to the equipment. 

The HSM comes fully kitted from Grace Engineered Products in two versions; an 18-point HSM unit and a 9-point HSM unit featuring an LCD interface display. Each kit consists of the HSM module, fiber probes, ring-style connectors, fiber trimmer, probe tightening tool and a quick start guide.  Both devices are capable of monitoring up to eighteen and nine independent sources, respectively, while the latter LCD display version features basic data display and configuration options.

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