Emerson's AMS 6500 ATG system embeds prediction data into protection system to improve reliability of critical assets

Emerson introduces the AMS 6500 ATG protection system, a stand-alone machinery protection solution that allows users to introduce prediction monitoring of critical assets from the same system. Predictive intelligence is a key component to increasing availability and improving the reliability of plant assets.

AMS 6500 ATG multi-functional cards can be reconfigured for a range of measurements, including the impacting or peak-to-peak data used in Emerson’s unique PeakVue technology. In addition to monitoring the start-up and coastdown of critical turbo machinery for safe operation, users will be able to utilize PeakVue technology to identify the earliest indications of developing faults in gearboxes and bearings.

With the AMS 6500 ATG, it is no longer necessary to return to the control room or open cabinets in the field to view or analyze data. The AMS 6500 ATG can be networked over wired or wireless Ethernet to deliver asset health information to authorized users through a PC or phone application.

To facilitate easy system integration with third party systems, AMS 6500 ATG is the first protection system to include a secure embedded OPC UA server.

The AMS ATG system complies with the traditional API 670 certification and is certified for installation in demanding environments where Class 1 Div2/ATEX Zone 2 approvals are required.

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