Yale A-WARE uses RFID tags to control truck performance

Yale A-WARE is a location-based truck performance control solution that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to enforce travel speed,
acceleration and lift restrictions. Yale A-WARE works through RFID tags deployed in warehouse storage aisles that are read by a truck-mounted RFID sensor. When the sensor reads a tag, it automatically triggers traction and lift settings, to allow the truck to only operate at pre-defined speeds, heights and other operational parameters. This permits the operator to pay more attention to operational tasks and can protect
trucks and facility infrastructure thanks to reduced impacts.

In addition to travel and lift height restrictions, Yale A-WARE can adjust to handle the nuances of each aisle, with multi-zone functionality to identify high traffic areas and automatically detect deadends, reducing the risk of collisions and decreasing operational downtime. The RFID tags also offer faster installation at reduced cost compared to magnets, and they cannot be covered up, ensuring maximum reliability.

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