Verti-Lift introduces Zero Pan Tilters which eliminate the need for a forklift

Verti-Lift presents Zero Pan Tilters that can be loaded or unloaded at ground level, thus eliminating the need for a forklift, while improving ergonomics and eliminating bending and lifting and the inherent injuries associated with them. They are ideal for areas with no forklift access, tight areas where forklifts are impractical, and for companies which have adopted forklift-free safe work areas.

These electronically actuated or manually operated devices are available in several sizes, with capacities of 2000/4000 pounds, and zero-90 degrees of tilt. Ground level access allows better access to product being loaded or unloaded. Tilt height is set at standard ideal ergonomic height to bring product to operator ergonomically, while reducing or eliminating bending and possible work-related injuries associated with lifting and repetitive movement.

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