Rockwell Automation released the CompactLogix 5380 Controller that improves accuracy and performance of applications

The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller from Rockwell Automation brings the benefits of the high-performance Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture portfolio into the CompactLogix size. The controller supports enhanced security as part of a defense-in-depth approach to help protect facilities, assets and intellectual property. It incorporates advanced security technologies and software features, including digitally signed and encrypted firmware, controller-based change detection, and audit logging. It also provides role-based access control to routines and add-on instructions.

In addition, a dual-configurable, 1-gigabit Ethernet port supports device-level-ring (DLR) topologies or the use of multiple IP addresses. Diagnostic indicator lights display the status of communications, module health and I/O module activity. This allows operators and technicians to immediately understand problems without connecting the controller to a computer. Also, built-in system and field power terminals reduce wiring to I/O modules.

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Rockwell Automation