Presto's XBP Series portable electric scissor lifts reduce production time and employee injuries

XBP Series portable electric scissor lifts from Presto Lifts Inc. allow operators to transport loads and lift them to a convenient height. These battery-powered tables lift and lower at the touch of a button  They roll smoothly on any surface, even carpet, yet can be stabilized safely with a foot-operated floor lock.

Whether used for transferring loads to and from workstations, picking orders, positioning materials at production machines, or even as a variable-height workstation itself, the lift is designed to reduce production time and employee injuries by eliminating repetitive bending, lifting, and carrying.

The steel construction of XBP Series lifts provides lift capacities of 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 pounds, depending on the model. Travel, the distance between a unit’s lowered and raised height, can be 24 or 36 inches. Maximum raised heights range from 33 to 53½ inches. Each model comes with a choice of two platform sizes, which range from 24 x 36 inches to 48 x 60 inches, but oversized/custom platforms are also available.  Oversized casters (two fixed, two swivel) provide easy maneuverability. All six models feature lifetime lubricated bearings, a 12-volt battery, and a built-in battery charger.

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