Guardair's ReverseForce Air Gun extracts debris from inside tight spaces

Guardair announces its ReverseForce Air Gun. This tool harnesses the power of compressed air to effectively extract metal chips and debris from deep inside axle housings, machine cavities, or gear boxes.

Standard air guns with conventional nozzles are effective in many scenarios, but blowing air inward into tight spaces can drive metal chips and debris deep into sensitive mechanical equipment, causing failure and future maintenance problems. In contrast, the ReverseForce nozzle directs compressed air back toward the opening thereby expelling metal chips and debris from the interior.

 Powered by standard shop-compressed air, the ReverseForce Air Gun features a rugged, ergonomic handle, a wide comfort trigger, and a 48-inch extension that allows users to reach deep inside cavities for effective cleaning. The tool also allows for faster cleaning over conventional methods.

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