Updated Bigfoot CMMS offers half-a-dozen new features

Smartware Group, Inc. will expand capabilities in its latest update to Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with the addition of more than half-a-dozen new features, including CMMS configuration enhancements for job planning, purchasing, parts inventory and reporting. These highly-adaptable features are designed to complement the workflows, policies, and practices of users, enabling them to mold Bigfoot CMMS to meet their specific needs and address the most important issues in their maintenance operations.

Highlights of the new enhancements to Bigfoot CMMS include:

  • Job Planner provides an interactive analysis of labor resources to ensure that appropriate team members are neither over, nor underutilized. Configurable color-coding offers a distinctive view of labor pool assignments on a given workday, as well as in the future. With this information, managers can then move less urgent Work Orders to other days, or other times during a particular day – and team members can be re-assigned according to their workloads, bringing more balance to the maintenance schedule. This flexibility makes Job Planner an invaluable tool for reducing overtime and staff burnout while also increasing productivity.
  • Work-Order-to-Purchase-Order (WO2PO) reduces redundant expenditures of time and money. When a Work Order is issued through Bigfoot CMMS, the job may require spare parts – and those spare parts are not always on hand. The WO2PO feature gives users the ability to automatically cut a purchase order, making it possible to buy only the parts needed for the job. In addition, this feature simplifies the switch from overstocked parts on hand to a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory system to further reduce costs.
  • Templates help organizations configure forms throughout Bigfoot Work Order, Request, and Purchasing functionality to correspond with departmental requirements. Administrators have the ability to display and hide particular fields and provide default values, while also adding a “required” attribute to fields in order to mandate data entry before an action is complete. These field configurations can vary according to user levels, so particular personnel can view all data fields, such as operations management, while those on the shop floor can get a more condensed view.
  • Audit Log Search and Reporting displays the last time and date a user or requester logged into Bigfoot CMMS. This capability enables maintenance managers to not only know when staff members accessed Bigfoot, but also what they are accomplishing during shifts.
  • Physical Count gives users systematic control over physical counts by tracking spare parts based on location and category. Personnel conducting these counts can enter the number of each part under a certain category and run a report, and compare it to what is physically on hand. Those staff members can also leverage built-in variance reports to check for discrepancies and enter notes for follow-up. An auditing field is also included with this new feature.
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