Special vertical airflow cabinet oven from Grieve

No. 814 is a 500°F (260°C), electrically-heated cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for various plastic and metal part heat treating operations at the customer's facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 22" W x 21" D x 85" H. 18 kW are installed in Nichrome wire tubular elements to heat the oven chamber, while a 750 CFM, 3/4-HP recirculating blower provides a vertical downward airflow to the workload.

This Grieve cabinet oven features 4" insulated walls, aluminized steel exterior and interior, three integral metal shelves, plus all safety equipment required by NFPA Standard 86 for handling flammable solvents, including a powered forced exhauster, airflow safety switch and purge timer.

Other controls on No. 814 include a fused disconnect switch, digital temperature controller and manual reset excess temperature controller.

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