RoboVent ICE keeps workers comfortable and productive

An increasing number of fabricators are enhancing the working conditions of their teams in order to attract, motivate, and keep top employees. Two primary improvements in these environments involve air quality and air conditioning. Providing clean, cool air in production facilities has reached a tipping point and is forecast to become a professional standard over the next two to three years; these factors will keep businesses aggressive in their efforts to secure experts in the trade. RoboVent's ICE (Integrated Cooling Equipment) is a unique air conditioning utility that can be added to any RoboVent fume extraction system.

The numerous advantages of a RoboVent system with integrated cooling include (but are not limited to):
1.Reduced energy consumption – no need for an additional air handling fan
2.Reduced maintenance – your air is already purified with high-efficiency filters, so no need for A/C filter replacement or cleaning of the A/C coils
3.Avoid conflicting air-flow patterns between separate A/C and fume extraction systems
4.Single control coordination with RoboVent eMaster building management system for team comfort and ease of maintenance

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