Yale Vision GPS feature helps take fleet operations to next level

Yale Materials Handling Corporation will be adding a Global Positioning System (GPS) feature to its Yale Vision wireless asset management system. The GPS enhancement adds a heightened layer of monitoring to track lift truck fleet movement and impact locations, providing actionable real-time data to help optimize materials handling operations.

This new feature tracks the operation and location of a customer's lift trucks, allowing warehouse and distribution managers to monitor operations as they happen and make changes or take action as needed. The GPS data extracted from lift truck routes can also provide insights about high-risk collision areas and route efficiency to influence informed decisions about facility layout and high traffic areas.

Yale Vision is a flexible wireless asset management system that helps operations manage costs, protect assets and optimize productivity by monitoring a variety of metrics, including idle time, safety procedures and impacts. Customers can track truck performance information by the individual driver, providing labor management data and controlled access to keep untrained personnel from operating equipment. This increased operator accountability can improve driving behaviors, and reduce equipment damage and repair cost.

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