MPulse's Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) Bundle keeps tabs on the actual state of critical assets

MPulse Maintenance Software, a division of SpecTech, Inc., launched the company’s new Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) Bundle, a combination of the company’s Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) features and its DataLink Integration Adapter.

The MPulse RTM Bundle keeps tabs on the actual state of critical assets for maintenance operations by recording the output of any meters and gauges on that asset. When an asset’s condition changes outside of specified ranges, MPulse RTM Bundle lets users know immediately, enabling them to react to prevent breakdowns before they happen.

The MPulse RTM Bundle works with all Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, gathering information directly from multiple sources—including computers, vehicles, smartphones, appliances, building automation systems, and production equipment. With MPulse RTM Bundle, maintenance teams can monitor multiple meters (e.g., revolutions, psi, hours) on a single asset; specify multiple conditions, triggers, and responses; and automate work order generation based on specified triggers.

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