Meltric's DR400 high amperage plug/receptacle is designed for improved safety and ease of use

Meltric's DR400 high amperage plug/receptacle extends its DR Series line of standard-duty plugs and receptacles to 400A/480VAC (350A/600VAC).

The introduction of the DR400 high amperage plug and receptacle provides customers an industrial connecting device with the same exclusive safety and performance features offered in Meltric’s entire line of industrial connecting devices. A spring-loaded, butt-style contact technology maintains optimal contact pressure and conductivity even in dirty, corrosive environments. The DR400 features solid silver-nickel electrical contact material, which has a far better resistance to both wear and arcing than brass contact material. A locking pawl provides not only push button circuit disconnection, but also prevents accidental disconnection and makes lockout/tagout convenient.

The DR400 has an easy closing mechanism, which overcomes the problem of difficult manual operation that’s characteristic of high amperage and pin-and-sleeve industrial connectors. The easy closing mechanism provides a leverage point for engaging the plug to the receptacle (inlet) with minimal exertion by the user. In addition, the DR400 achieves rated watertightness (IP54 / IP66/IP67 optional) as soon as the plug mates with the receptacle. A variety of installation accessories are available to provide flexibility in mounting the DR400 high amperage plug and receptacle.

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