Leeson Electric's Extreme Duck Motor ensures that liquids don’t penetrate the motor

Leeson Electric, a subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation, is launching the next generation Extreme Duck Motor. The new design ensures that liquids don’t penetrate the motors in any mounting position and the motor is easier to install and connect because of unique colored leads. A proprietary shaft seal that underwent a year of testing – 8,760 hours – is one of the motor’s unique features. Other features include:

  • Lead wires are non-wicking, and are colored and numbered  for easy identification during installation
  • Installable in all mounting positions
  • Standard dual voltage and dual rotation
  • New encapsulation process withbetter materials ensure complete filling of the motors and curing of the epoxy encapsulation
  • All stainless steel exterior
  • Nameplate information is permanently etched into the frame
  • Conduit box on TEFC motors rotates 360 degrees
  • Inverter Duty IRISTM insulation system
  • Corrosion resistant coating applied to rotor

In addition to Leeson’s normal in-process testing, each motor is 100 percent pressure tested before leaving the plant, to ensure the motor is completely sealed to prevent the ingress of liquids.

This motor is designed for use in food processing and other applications where motors are exposed to frequent washdown, common cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, and high humidity. Washdown motors provide durability and flexibility to help maximize uptime and reduce overall operating costs in these and many other demanding applications where general purpose motors will not survive.

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