Infor EAM version 11.1 can help manage assets via a cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment

Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) version 11.1 is designed to help improve asset management during the entire lifespan of business-critical assets and equipment. The new iteration provides a range of capabilities to help manage assets via a cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment. Infor EAM 11.1 can also enable greater accessibility for users to connect to the enterprise via mobile devices and tablets. Infor EAM 11.1 features an improved user interface that can help boost accessibility and can help support greater ease in compliance reporting and monitoring.

Enhancements include:

  • Expanded mobile connectivity - Infor EAM 11.1 features a more comprehensive approach to mobile connectivity through added support for Android and iOS platforms. This can help users to more quickly and easily connect to the enterprise and access a range of capabilities with their mobile phone or tablet.
  • Better warranty claim management - Infor EAM 11.1 can help speed the overall return on investment by helping users manage the warranties that cover the managed assets and equipment they already own. This latest version provides more extensive and easier to use capabilities for tracking, managing and filing warranty claims that can help reduce maintenance and operations expenses.
  • Improved maintenance order management - Infor EAM 11.1 is equipped with techniques to support planning, managing and performing asset maintenance to better align with the specific priorities of each organization. This can help reduce the need for the maintenance staff to manually track each process, which can bolster efficiency by allowing companies to better allocate their time and resources.
  • Linear asset support - The latest iteration of Infor EAM aligns assets using a linear system, which can help provide a greater level of visibility into support needs. This can help organizations treat the entire installation as a sequential, linear whole.
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