InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 offers IoT and interface capabilities for use on a variety of smartphones and tablets

InduSoft announces the release of InduSoft Web Studio v8.0, the latest version of its software. This new version offers enhanced IoT and interface capabilities for use on a variety of smartphones and tablets, as well as revision control and application lifecycle management.

InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 adds a new runtime, called IoTView, compatible with operating systems Linux and VxWorks. Allied to the current runtime editions, such as InduSoft Web Studio, EmbeddedView, and CEView—IoTView provides even more scalability to design solutions with InduSoft Web Studio for deployment on any platform. As the number of Internet-connected devices in the world increases, InduSoft Web Studio is ready to connect these devices with the portability and small footprint to deploy on any platform, and the same user-friendly development environment.

The feature to open multiple screens simultaneously (Multiple Document Interfaces) on the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client solution has also been released. Multiple screens (screen groups, pop-ups, dialogs, etc.) can be opened on thin client stations running any HTML5-compatible web browser. Not only is this an important feature for new applications, it also allows visualization of multiple screens from existing applications on SMA Thin Clients, with no additional screen creation needed.

Additional enhancements include performance and functionality improvements for the Collaboration Server add-on, which offers revision control and application lifecycle management.

With an agile method of development, InduSoft has released minor enhancements on a continuous basis, and v8.0 is the consolidation of all minor/major enhancements since the release of the previous version 7.0. This is the starting point for upcoming enhancements. New features include:

  • IoTView, embedded computing runtime interface - Core runtime available for Linux and VxWorks
  • Support for Multiple Document Interface on Studio Mobile Access -Access from any remote device, with multiple screen display capability
  • Built-in Tag Integration with PLCs - Comprehensive tag integration with PLCs from Schneider and other manufacturers
  • OPC Redundancy - Native redundancy for OPC UA and OPC XML/DA interfaces
  • Collaboration Server - Unparalleled built-in revision control and application lifecycle management, fully integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server
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