GE’s Predictivity solutions deliver real-time, data-driven insights to customers

GE’s Predictivity solutions, offered through its Power Generation Services business, feature predictive maintenance technologies including GE’s Pre-Outage Intelligence and Borescope Inspections – which deliver real-time, data-driven insights to customers.

Technology and data are used to help customers operate their plants more economically, and help them know when to take an outage. For example, GE’s Pre-Outage Intelligence and advanced steam path audit team looks at specific site performance – and specific customer needs to prepare for the most productive, time-sensitive planned outages.

In addition to planning the scope of an outage, GE can perform a smart borescope inspection. Based on a unit’s operating and maintenance history, its engineering team  can provide  an inspection list. A variety of measurements are taken and entered into a “Lifing and Wear” model  to  determine the remaining life of certain gas turbine components. This enables GE customers to determine the optimal times to schedule the next outage, and what maintenance  needs to be done during that outage.

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