Hamilton’s 200-ton toting casters

April 27, 2015
Hamilton Caster is well known for making heavy duty industrial casters – and now, one of the biggest.

Hamilton Caster recently designed and built four 100,000-pound capacity casters for a federal contractor. Fully assembled, each caster towers 52 inches above the factory floor and weighs more than 8,000 pounds. Together, they represent Hamilton's highest payload capacity ever: 200 tons.

Each Colossus caster was designed with a spring-loaded suspension system to absorb shock. The swivel construction consisted of 32" and 18" dia. raceways flame hardened to 55-60 HRC with a total of (96) 1-1/2" dia. bearing balls. Each caster also featured an eight position swivel lock for directional control, a huge 7" diameter oscillating axle to accommodate uneven surfaces, and a foot-operated braking system. The massive payload required 36" diameter by 20" wide extreme duty press-on tires with 4-1/2" dia. tapered roller bearings. Hamilton's Cart and Trailer division designed and fabricated the integrated towing system weighing over 4500 lbs. for the two front casters.