CribMaster launches next generation ProStock industrial vending solution

June 22, 2015
Innovative, Easy-to-Use Design Reduces Lifecycle Maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership

CribMaster, a global leader in advanced technologies for inventory and asset management solutions in industrial environments, today announced its next generation ProStock industrial vending solution – featuring an innovative carousel drawer design that saves customers time and money in lifecycle maintenance costs.

Proper tool and material management, which includes giving workers access to the right tools and materials at all times, is critical for manufacturing enterprises to maximize productivity, ensure safety and meet regulatory compliance. The redesigned ProStock drawer makes it easy to use and maintain to provide workers with immediate access to indirect materials at the point-of-use. It features 81 percent fewer mechanical components than the original ProStock drawer, reducing complexity and providing a trouble-free user experience—both of which increase uptime and productivity. Less maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the solution results in lower total cost of ownership and time savings for both manufacturers and industrial distributors.

The second generation ProStock is the result of CribMaster's ongoing commitment to listening to the voice of its customers. CribMaster worked with its customers to field test the solution for more than 170,000 hours. Before releasing the new ProStock solution into the market, more than 300,000 transactions were successfully completed to ensure low failure rates and a long product lifecycle.

"The new ProStock drawer enhancement demonstrates our commitment to continually bring to market customer-driven innovation, which is engrained in everything we do," said Jon Safran, president, CribMaster. "This redesign is about making it easy for our customers to gain efficiency and increase uptime in the controlled distribution of inventory in their operations. We are committed to delivering the most advanced technology and highest quality in all of our inventory management solutions, while lowering total cost of ownership for our customers."

The completely motorized and modular drawer self-calibrates to increase accuracy and save time, while the push button door closure prevents the risk of potential damage from forceful manual closing. Half the weight of the first generation drawer, the non-metallic construction allows for easy handling, yet is highly durable to reduce bending and breakage. New, efficient firmware provides 15 percent faster transaction processing for functions such as issuing, returning, adjusting and receiving inventory items – reducing restocking time.

About ProStock
Powered by CribMaster software, the ProStock is a high-capacity storage cabinet with a small footprint used at the point-of-use for the secure distribution of MRO items, such as safety supplies, cutting tools, gauges, and batteries. The drawer is a major housing component of the ProStock solution, which utilizes carousel dispensing technology. After users self-authenticate with a badge or pin, they select the desired item on the touchscreen. The pie-shaped sections of the carousel spin to the exact location of the item, and the item is issued. The software immediately records the transaction, and the database is automatically updated.