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May 18, 2006

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Every month, PlantServices.com offers a special page (www.plantservices.com/thismonth) that not only contains web exclusive material but also extra content specifically related to articles found in the print edition.  Keep an eye out while you’re flipping through the magazine and you’ll see references to articles, white papers, news etc. related to the articles you’re reading. Bookmark www.plantservices.com/thismonth and peruse all the extras as well as sift through plantservices.com’s archives.

What's blooming in May?

Get an early look at part two of “Links to reliability” to learn how lubrication is impacted by the specific characteristics of your applications. In August 2005, part one described management techniques to improve reliability via lubrication. This second part, which doesn’t appear in print until May, deals with variations in operations, lubrication materials and equipment design.
What else is coming in May? Here’s the list:

  • Compressed air leak prevention, detection and cures
  • What to do when seals don't seal
  • How can CMMS help you become better corporate citizens?
  • Web resources for renewable energy
  • Greenbacks for green lighting
  • How to create and sustain continuous change

More from Berger

After perusing our CMMS/EAM review, be sure to check out the archive of Contributing Editor David Berger, P.Eng. His monthly “Asset Manager” column tackles the many aspects of implementing and optimizing maintenance software systems. Educate yourself beyond your CMMS selection; it’ll save you money in the long run.

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Top 10 white paper downloads

PlantServices.com has aggregated more than 70 white papers across numerous topics. See which white papers have been most often downloaded and find out what your peers are reading.

Energy Expert

As rising prices in the energy sector lead to more pressing issues for plants worldwide, Plant Services has added a monthly energy columnist. Read his tips and insight into the energy landscape.


PlantServices.com likes to keep a finger to the pulse of its readership and offers monthly polls centered on hot topics. Participate and review the responses to this month's topic, and peruse our poll archive to see your peers' thoughts.

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The power of the leading specialized search engine for technical buyers is now at the fingertips of site visitors thanks to a key partnership. You have to see it to appreciate its breadth, depth and comprehensiveness.

Starting in January 2006, digital versions of Plant Services is available on the web. Check back here every month or click on the Current Issue link on the home page to read the full magazine in digital format.

Plant Services magazine extras

Step in the right direction

Carpet selection - Carpet - making the appropriate choice
Wood block flooring - Take another look at wood block flooring
Raised access flooring - Why an elevated floor?
Terrazzo flooring - Tough but beautiful
Cork flooring -  Walking on air, naturally

Programmed for success

Insulation - Inverter-duty motors battle high-voltage spikes
Power quality - Unbalanced currents
Harmonics - Bad vibes - part 1
Harmonics - Bad vibes - part 2
Power anomalies - Keep your motors running

Don't get hung out to dry

Air system design - Keep it simple
Dew point monitors - Fog in the pipeline
System Engineering - Engineered air
Treatment and storage - Compressed air quality
HOC calcs - What does Mother Nature say about cooling the air

Coping with the bads

Personality inventory - Know thyself
Firing people - Happy trails to you
Office politics - Making it look good
Labor law - Rules for earning our daily bread
Salary surveys - Reality check

PlantServices.com Timeless Resources

 2006 Readers’ Choice Awards

CMMS/EAM Software Review

Maintenance Crisis Resource Center 

Plant Services asked your peers to name the vendors that provide the best value of that combination of performance, reliability, low maintenance and purchase price that adds up to the lowest lifecycle cost -- in each of more than 60 product and service categories. The result is a veritable Who’s Who of qualified suppliers. Our rigorous review of major computerized maintenance management system packages exposes strengths, weaknesses and industry trends. This month, it’s been updated with nine fresh reviews by noted CMMS guru and contributing editor David Berger, P.Eng. PlantServices.com has launched the Maintenance Crisis Resource Center. Visit this Web-based community for information, to network and to find support to help mitigate the increasing shortage of qualified professionals.

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