VPInstruments introduces new tool for compressed air flow measurement

Aug. 21, 2015
The all new VPFlowScope M promises to be a game changer in the flow measurement arena.

The VPFlowScope M has been developed by VPInstruments. VPInstruments offers flow meters and energy management solutions for compressed air. More than ten years ago, the first draft concepts were made of a product which would eventually become the VPFlowScope M.

The new design comes as two interconnecting modular elements: the transmitter (the "head") and the VP Sensorcartridge(the "probe"). There will be multiple VP Sensorcartridges available, with various specifications. This is yet another fine example of VPInstruments' everlasting drive to innovate and be an industry leader.

The old-fashioned way of submitting an entire instrument for recalibration has been abandoned; instead the sensorcartridge is simply replaced by a new one when the time comes, this is in fact cheaper and far less time consuming than going through the whole calibration process. Not only does this mean the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership; also, users will benefit from zero downtime in the field, ergo no loss of data.

The good bits from the currently available VPFlowScope insertion model are there: the new VPFlowScope M, too, is a high end, sophisticated multi-sensor measurement instrument, with bidirectional sensitivity, standard RS485, 4..20 mA, USB interface and integrated data logger.

On top of this, new functionality has been added, to set the standard once again. New features are: the exchangeable cartridge (to save on downtime and calibration costs); and the newly designed transmitter, with status LEDs and alarms information; standard Ethernet (no external converters); The most complete version has an extremely large data logger with endless logging (more than half a year of logging capacity with a one second interval on all channels) a full color TFT screen; and built-in Wi-Fi. Assembled instruments are IP67 water resistant. The smallest and smartest insertion flow meter in the world will be on sale from October, 2015. Pre-ordering the new VPFlowScope M can be done as per 13 April, 2015.