Schneider Electric adds monitoring and management of electrical systems to SmartStruxure Solution

May 4, 2015
Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution empowers building facilities, operations and energy managers to monitor, measure and optimize both power and building systems from a single interface.

Schneider Electric announced Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution. The solution adds electrical systems management – specifically power monitoring and energy accounting capabilities – to the company's building management system (BMS) SmartStruxure solution. Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution enables organizations with non-critical electrical network applications to better monitor, manage and optimize their buildings from a single, easy to use interface. This ensures electrical system health, increases power quality awareness and improves energy accountability.

Energy is one of the largest expenses for facility owners and managers and is under increasingly rigorous regulations. However, many organizations have minimal visibility into their utilities. Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution addresses these challenges by providing a fully embedded, cost effective power monitoring solution that can be managed via a single system.

Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution provides users with actionable information to ensure the ongoing health of electrical systems and increase power awareness. Equipped with tools to monitor electrical equipment and key capital assets, organizations can improve response times for power related issues, better understand power factor, harmonics and voltage disturbances, identify faults and quickly diagnose key electrical problems. Energy managers can also continuously improve energy usage by tracking energy consumption, using this data to achieve energy conservation objectives or corporate sustainability goals. Available features of the Power Manager for SmartStruxure solution include:

  • Configurable dashboards: Users can quickly and easily create dashboards customized for the data most important to their organizations. The dashboards can display any unit, show energy usage comparisons, breakdowns or improvements and they can be shared.
  • Comprehensive energy usage reports: A powerful real-time reporting engine provides users with a simple interface and options to automate reports. Out-of-the-box report templates include energy cost, multi-device usage, usage trends, load profiles and more.
  • Electrical network health summaries: A simple health status view of the electrical system indicates whenever there is an electrical problem.
  • Direct access to power meter data: Pre-engineered power equipment screens provide a comprehensive set of data on power meters, breaker trip units and protection relays. With this access, building managers also can view real-time values, alarms and historical data trends.
  • Power system engineer views: One-line diagrams show animated breakers and bus bars, enabling managers to quickly locate information and details related to alarms.
  • Support for all utilities such as water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES).