Schneider Electric releases Tricon CX Compact safety system to better manage risks in high-hazard industrial processes

April 29, 2015
Schneider Electric released its Tricon CX compact system for safety and critical control applications.

Schneider Electric released its Tricon CX compact system for safety and critical control applications in the oil and gas, power, refining, chemicals, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, where safe operations are critical and reliable operation is paramount. A certified ISA Secure system, the high-integrity and highly available Tricon CX ensures operational integrity, protecting against inherent risk and hazards, as well as external threats such as cyber-attack.

The latest addition to Schneider Electric's Triconex line of safety-instrumented systems, the Tricon CX is smaller, faster, lighter and more powerful than previous safety solutions. Its advanced functionality enables online upgrades without operational interruption. Additionally, the compact design allows for a number of new features including:

  • Reduced form factor by 50 percent
  • 67 percent reduction in weight
  • Lower power consumption
  • Advanced monitoring and control capabilities, including:
  • Supervised DI/DO with advanced line-performance diagnostics
  • Fast analogue inputs with integrated HART
  • 1ms SOE digital input
  • Choice of direct termination or external termination panel
  • 300 percent increase in controller tag capacity
  • 5 times increase in peer-to-peer performance
  • ISA Secure EDSA level 1
  • New automated test and verification of safety logic

Through its Triconex brand, Schneider Electric offers industry-leading safety and critical control solutions for managing risks in hazardous environments. Triconex solutions enable safer operations by maximizing compliance to mandated safety regulations and minimizing both unscheduled downtime and the likelihood of business interruptions. The systems improve operational efficiency, helping clients achieve gains in production availability, asset uptime and ROI. Based on industry-leading Triple Modular Redundancy technology, Triconex solutions are also easy to operate and maintain, and they provide a higher total value of ownership over competitive offers.

In addition to leading technology and solution sets, Schneider Electric's process safety offer includes more than 650 safety engineers who provide a suite of services that help clients better manage their operations. These services include:

  • Safety Instrumented Functions Management services
  • Process safety consulting services
  • Functional safety learning services

Process safety consultants also provide technology paths to help future-proof Triconex technology investments and ensure systems adhere to the latest safety standards.