FCI's thermal flow meters with HART are designed for large industrial plant distributed control systems

Process and plant engineers who need a precision air/gas flow measurement solution coupled with industry standard digital bus communication capabilities will find that Fluid Components International (FCI) now offers a wide selection of thermal mass flow meters available with the HART® Protocol and other communication options.

FCI’s ST51, ST75, ST98, ST100 and MT100 Thermal Mass Flow Meters, including 12 models, are all available with the HART communications to provide an economical yet rugged solution to measuring air or gases in process and plant applications.

FCI’s HART digital bus communication and its associated device driver (DD) have been tested and certified by the Fieldcomm (HART) Group to meet its standards. With over 30 million supported field instruments installed worldwide, HART technology offers a reliable solution for leveraging benefits of intelligent flow meters and other devices through standardized digital communication.

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