DCS880 VSDs are built on ABB’s all-compatible, common drive platform

ABB’s new series of DC variable speed drives (VSDs) allow users with a large installed base to get better performance from their existing systems. With the new DCS880 VSDs, customers who are heavily invested in a DC system have the option to continue using DC technology while better aligning with modern AC advancements.

The DC VSDs are built on ABB’s all-compatible, common drive platform, sharing the same control panel, features and tools as recent- and future-generation ABB drives. Once users have learned one ABB all-compatible drive, they can easily use other all-compatible drives – both DC and AC.

They are also easily integrated with ABB Ability™ monitoring services – ABB’s unified, cross-industry, digital offering, which provides real-time data about drive status and performance from any location.  Monitoring parameters include drive availability, environmental conditions and fault events.

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