Trico Corporation introduces Sensei, a real-time lubrication intelligence system

Trico Corporation has introduced Sensei, a real-time lubrication intelligence system. Sensei wirelessly transmits oil level and ambient air temperature to a customizable, web-based dashboard. As a result, users gain real-time input on machine status and maintenance requirements. Sensei can:

  • Reduce inspection time from hours to minutes per week.
  • Reduce requirements for personnel to visit difficult- or dangerous-to-access areas.
  • Help avoid downtime by providing alerts and warnings.
  • Enable organizations to operate more efficiently by performing proactive, data-driven maintenance.

The first wireless sensors available as part of the Sensei system are oil level sensors designed to accompany Trico’s line of 8-oz. Opto-Matic vented and closed constant level oilers. Pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans, blowers and other equipment use constant level oilers to maintain a consistent fluid level.

The Sensei system includes three components:

  1. An oil sensor that measures the oil level, oil consumption and ambient temperature.
  2. The Sensei gateway (a router) that securely receives data and transmits it to the cloud. The gateway handles up to 64 sensors at a radius of 250 feet. Repeaters expand the network as needed.
  3. An intuitive, web-based dashboard for real-time intelligence (there is no need to install software). The dashboard is customizable with displays for oil level by device, daily alerts and several other functions.

To help ensure maximum impact with the expert monitoring made possible by Sensei, the system is only available through a select network of trained distribution partners, or directly through Trico. Companies can request access to a simulated Sensei dashboard that illustrates available information and configurability,.

Sensei oil level sensors are available as a complete oiler, but can be retrofit to existing Trico Opto-Matic installations by replacing the upper bulb assembly. It is not compatible with competitive oilers.

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