ROTALIGN touch firmware update version 1.3 helps users measure and align multiple machine trains

Measuring and aligning multiple machine trains is time consuming. The latest ROTALIGN touch firmware update version 1.3 can help reduce the duration by 50 percent due to both Multi-coupling measurement and Multi-coupling Live Move. The update also includes Multi-coupling Live Trend for the continuous monitoring of machine dynamics.

With these new capabilities, the simultaneous measurement and alignment of up to six couplings can be achieved – all in real time. The Multi-coupling Live Trend functionality is used to measure and analyze thermal and process-related machine positional changes of the complete machine train during run-up and coast-down phases. The determined values are used to compensate for cold and running alignment conditions.

The update includes dial gauge entry and calculations allowing experienced technicians to quickly compare conventional and laser measurement results. All familiar features of the ROTALIGN touch such as WiFi connectivity, camera, Move Simulator, and all intelli features are retained.

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