RDI Technologies’ Iris M measures small vibrations with a high degree of accuracy

RDI Technologies’ Iris M utilizes the millions of pixels in today’s modern cameras to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. The Iris M software converts those millions of pixels into individual data points, measuring extremely small vibrations or motions with a high degree of accuracy. It then displays the results in an amplified video that brings the problems to life in a visual form.

RDI Technologies has also rolled out the Iris M software version 2.1, a massive update to the Iris M, to all its current clients. This update puts the ability to manipulate and sort data easily into users’ hands and empowers them to solve problems that were unsolvable with current market technologies. The Iris M has also been optimized based on customer input to ensure you can acquire, organize and troubleshoot your plant assets in a matter of minutes.

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