ITT expands i-ALERT Monitoring Solution portfolio with Bluetooth Smart Pressure Sensor

ITT Inc. is continuing to expand its i-ALERT Monitoring Solution portfolio, giving customers additional options to maximize the efficiency and total cost of ownership of all types of rotating machines. The i-ALERT compatible Bluetooth Smart Pressure Sensor complements the i-ALERT monitoring portfolio, which includes the i-ALERT2 machine health sensor, the i-ALERT mobile application (app) and the i-ALERT Asset Intelligence (Ai) platform. The pressure sensor provides customers with the ability to monitor fluid conditions and gather operating data to help identify and troubleshoot undesirable operating conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It connects to the i-ALERT mobile app, allowing customers to view real-time and historical data.

With its long battery life, the pressure sensor is easy to implement without the need of wires. It is ideal for non-hazard industrial pump applications or anywhere customers need to monitor fluid process conditions. With its configurable data rate, it is ideal for catching process-upset conditions that are damaging to pumping equipment.

Key features of the pressure sensor:

  • Connects to the i-ALERT mobile app and Ai platform
  • Logs up to 300 days of data (at standard intervals)
  • Replaceable lithium 1/2 AA battery
  • Maximum pressure range: 100 & 250 psi (standard), 50-10,000 psi (custom)
  • Measures vacuum (-14.7 psi) for suction side monitoring
  • 1% standard accuracy
  • High quality stainless steel and high impact polycarbonate construction
Product Type:
ITT Corporation