Fluke's 3561 FC Vibration Sensor helps you collect and understand vibration condition data

The Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor allows maintenance teams to add remote, continuous vibration monitoring to virtually any asset to improve equipment uptime. With a frequency range of 10-1000 Hz, the 3561 FC can detect and notify users of critical faults like imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and late-stage bearing wear to provide a warning for upcoming equipment failure.

The 3561 FC sensor is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach locations on equipment and affordable enough to place on multiple locations on an asset to provide a more comprehensive picture of equipment health. Installation and setup are simple, so technicians can start monitoring vibration on equipment in less than an hour. The sensors deliver continuous measurements while the asset is in use without maintenance technicians monitoring them, keeping them safely away from dangerous moving equipment.

Vibration data from the 3561 FC is wirelessly transmitted via the Fluke 3502 FC Gateway to Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software allowing maintenance teams to remotely monitor asset health anytime and virtually anywhere, whether on the desktop or a mobile device. The Fluke Connect app allows teams to view and easily understand vibration data taken over time to identify potential equipment degradation. And because the software aggregates real-time and historic data from all Fluke Connect-enabled test tools and sensors, teams get a comprehensive picture of equipment health so they can make informed maintenance decisions.

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