VibrAlign's Falcon Ultimate vibration analyzer features a wireless triaxial sensor

The Falcon Ultimate is a fully functional portable vibration analyzer that offers all the features you need to be an effective analyst. The Falcon Ultimate, which comes with the only wireless triaxial sensor available, offers on-board automatic diagnoses using Accurex technology. Accurex diagnostics relies on the ISO 10816-3 ISO standard. The Falcon Ultimate gives the analyst a complete machinery condition report, right at the machine, within minutes. The Falcon Ultimate delivers signal processing, with:

  • Simultaneous 4-channel acquisition at 40 kHz + tachometer,
  • 2 channels at 80 kHz,
  • Real-time processing,
  • Long time waveform, up to 80 seconds at 51.2 kH (4 Mega samples), and
  • 104,000 lines of resolution.

Other advanced features include Run-Up/Coast-Down, FRF, Bump Test, ODS and 2-plane balancing. The 2-plane balancing program allows the user to select the ISO balance quality grade desired with color-coded notification and full instructional tutorial on board. The Falcon Ultimate is a fully functional 4-channel analyzer with built-in features, including:

  • Stroboscope,
  • Spot pyrometer,
  • Voice annotation,
  • Digital camera, and
  • Note pad.
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