Verti-Lift's transfer cart is designed to move pallets and other heavy components

Verti-Lift introduces a heavy-duty transfer cart that moves pallets and other heavy components within production environments. This custom-designed solution includes a gravity roller conveyor, a pallet retaining bar to secure the load during transport, and a manual foot-actuated “locking/docking arm” for convenient hands-free operation. The cart is fitted with heavy-duty swivel casters which allow movement in all directions, to easily maneuver it into proper position, and stand up to heavy loads.  A hitch and pin arrangement for towing is included so that multiple units can be used together. Workers roll the cart into position then set the locking/docking bar to secure the cart in position beside an existing conveyor line.  Once a pallet has been positioned onto the cart, the pallet retaining bar is lowered into position, thus securing the load for transport.  Disengaging the foot switch releases the locking/docking bar and allows the cart and its pallet to be transported elsewhere within the facility to be offloaded onto another conveyor system.

1709 verti lift
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