Update International introduces the DT6 Version 6.0 Vibration and Phase Analyzer

The DT6 is the first six-channel vibration analyzer that also presents phase synchronized data. Using only the compatible laser tachometer and current DT6 sensors, Update International has add field balancing to the list of the DT6's capabilities. The company has also added compatibility for a laser tachometer and a high frequency transducer (>8000Hz).

System alarm monitoring (SAM) mode turns the DT6 into a portable, temporary constant monitoring system. Simply set alarm levels, hook up the DT6 and walk away. Any vibrations that trigger alerts will be saved in 30 second chunks for later analysis. It can even be configured to send email alerts. Live data mode shows real-time frequency plot as well as FFT. It can be used for bump tests or by a field technician to check the quality and precision of their latest alignment/balancing attempt.

Product Type:
Update International