Rytec's Turbo-Seal Insulated door boasts an average speed of 101 inches per second

Rytec Corporation has re-designed its next-generation high-speed Turbo-Seal Insulated door to stop more cold energy loss at the doorway through enhanced performance features. The door also boasts an average speed of 101 inches per second to minimize air exchange.

The Turbo-Seal Insulated’s thermal breaks are built into the header, side columns and bottom bar to block energy loss along its full perimeter to significantly minimize thermal heat transfer. This doorway barrier is possible with the addition of Quad Seals in the side columns and brush seals at the top of the door.

A flexible, fully sealed low-temperature bottom edge seal makes tight contact with the contours of the floor. Added to the door’s Rilon thermal panel to reduce heat transfer is a non-porous, moisture-proof vapor barrier that provides uniform performance. 

For easy access, inspection and maintenance, the Turbo-Seal Insulated door has new fiberglass side column sections and clear side column covers. In addition, safety features include a responsive reversing edge, thru-beam photo eyes and the unique Pathwatch Safety Light System to ensure safe operation within fast-moving cold storage environments.

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