MAPCON 6.4 CMMS now features checklists

Mapcon Technologies, Inc. has released a new version of their computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) – MAPCON 6.4. The release includes many updates and new features, including the checklists. The lists can now be added to equipment and work orders, thus enabling workers to be more organized and keep more complete records on repairs.

Mapcon users can pick between the simple or advanced checklist. The simple checklist is basically a to-do list, where tasks get checked off upon completion. This ensures that vital tasks in the repair process, especially on preventive maintenance (PM), are not missed. When setting up the simple checklist, tasks can be written in order of how they should be performed, or by order of importance.

When the checklist is created, administrators can choose a variety of response types, depending on what is needed. The options include things such as long and short answer, whole number, and multiple choice. This makes it easier to write the checklist in a more specific manner which will gather more data than the simple one. This checklist should be used when certain data, such as dates and comments, needs to be collected and documented when repairs or PMs are done.

Both checklists allow for repairs to be completed in a more efficient manner. Either one can be added to a piece of equipment, which means the list can be automatically added to any work orders written on the equipment. Additionally, checklists are available on the mobile app, called Mapcon Mobile. The addition of checklists to the mobile app makes completing work orders even faster by allowing users to complete the tasks right on their smartphone or tablet, instead of having to trek back to a PC to enter the necessary information.The information on a checklist can be stored on each work order or PM, which is useful for audit reporting. Reports can display things such as what steps were completed, who completed them, and when.

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