Fluke Accelix platform connects tools and improves maintenance productivity

Fluke Accelix is an open, cloud platform that connects maintenance software, equipment and critical plant systems. Accelix integrates Fluke’s portfolio of more than 40 wireless tools and condition monitoring sensors with eMaint, Fluke’s SaaS CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), and SCHAD to enable the full integration with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and share information with enterprise solutions of choice.     

The Fluke Accelix platform unites this set of maintenance and reliability capabilities to enable the facility of the future today. It supports the generation, collection, and consolidation of data from sensors, tools, and existing systems with remote monitoring through any connected device (desktop, tablet, or smartphone). Plant owners, operators, and managers can benefit from both integrated data and maintenance management with one system.

When data is gathered and aggregated electronically, reliability engineers, maintenance managers, and other professionals have the ability to correlate data from different technologies (for example, infrared, vibration, and power) and share them across the enterprise. Managers can assess equipment condition in real time and immediately associate that data with workorders, initiating planned maintenance before unplanned downtime occurs.

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