Lubriplate's PGO-460 and PGO-FGL-460 are 100% synthetic, PAG-based lubricants

Lubriplate PGO-460 and PGO-FGL-460 are 100% synthetic, PAG-based fluids designed for worm gear reducers operating under the most demanding conditions. They provide outstanding thermal stability, excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and protection against micropitting. They also deliver uninterrupted protection in the presence of moisture and water. Because of the extremely long service life and extended drain intervals, less lubricant will be used over time resulting in cost savings.

Both PGO-460 and PGO-FGL-460 are inherently biodegradable which creates an eco-friendly workplace. If you need an NSF/H1 registered food machinery lubricant, Lubriplate PGO-FGL-460 is NSF/H1 registered food grade.

Lubriplate offers PAG gear fluids in other ISO viscosity grades for helical and bevel style gearboxes.

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