Infor Announces H&L Digital Service

Infor announced H&L Digital, a division to provide end-to-end digital cloud solutions. H&L Digital, together with Infor's existing software and platforms, enables Infor to offer digital as service, which are solutions that drive capabilities, generate revenue streams, create differentiated IP, and help Infor customers run their business better. 

Elements of Infor Digital as a service include:

  • Strategize - building on insights from interactive workshops, H&L Digital creates a digital strategy for the business and the brand 
  • Design - design-first thinking helps H&L Digital focus on the experiences companies seek to create for end-users. H&L Digital helps change the way employees engage and collaborate and the way customers interact with the organization
  • Assemble - H&L Digital leverages disparate products and services, as well as existing technologies, to power elements of the digital ecosystem, and performs a gap analysis to understand the components required for integration and potential development to accelerate the project
  • Run - H&L Digital manages SaaS services with company-specific technology solutions, and provides services for continued evolution, support and maintenance
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